The Polak is the largest conference hall in the Résidence Palace. It is named after the Swiss architect of the Résidence Palace, Michel Polak. It is the favourite room for prominent visitors. So why not join them?


The Polak hall has a fixed layout and provides space for 143 attendees and 6 speakers. All seats are equipped with microphones, simultaneous interpreting headsets and a connection allowing speeches to be recorded. It has 4 interpreter’s booths, each of which can accommodate 2 interpreters. There is 1 technical operator’s booth. It also has a large projector so that documents can be projected onto the LCD widescreen and a video camera for recording your event.


The Polak can also be extended into the Passage. This provides capacity for an additional 22 to 40 attendees, depending on how the seating is arranged. The Passage also has an interpreter’s booth, making a total of 5. This also has an LCD projector with screen.


Technical details

The wide range of audiovisual infrastructure fitted makes it possible to replay various audio and video resources and record them to broadcasting quality. A central panel allows inputs and outputs to be switched over easily. It is an interface for all sources (DVDs, cameras, audio rooms) which allows one DVD to be used as a playing or recording device without the need to change cabling around.


As Videohouse is a supplier of audiovisual services, the standard configuration can be adapted to the customer’s requirements. There is an extensive range of facilities available for the audiovisual as well as the printed press. There are sockets everywhere to record original sounds and translations. The Polak also has a central time code to simplify the post-production process for multi-camera recordings. Via Videohouse’s master control room, you can transmit the event live over an extensive fibre optic network or by satellite.



All audio-signals are amplified over a digital recording desk.

  • 7 x microphones on the podium
  • 2 x wireless mikes
  • 143 x fixed audience mikes
  • CD player
  • audio recording (CD, MP3, WAV)
  • 8 x passive loudspeakers
  • 1 x passive sub-woofer
  • 2 x E-PAC audio amplifier
  • 1 x graphic equalizer



  • 1 x fixed broadcast camera
  • 1 x network-controlled projector (3500 ANSI lumen)
  • 1 x projection screen



  • 4 x interpreter’s booths
  • audio recording of the interpreting



  • 24 x adjustable spotlights



  • wireless network
  • Ethernet connections available in various bandwidths
  • analogue and digital phone lines
  • 12 x audio tie lines
  • 14 x video tie lines (SDI on bnc connector)
  • tri-axial connectors for multi-camera recordings
  • audio connection for audiovisual press



  • PC with internet connection
  • remote control for PowerPoint presentations


Room interconnectivity

If the number of visitors exceeds the capacity of the conference room, it is quite possible to connect all signals to the other rooms. The broadcast camera in the Polak also makes it possible to project the event in a different location.  

Capacity: 143 + 6 speakers


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