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August 2018

A website as an annual report: the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMHP) innovates by publishing its 2017 results in digital version

In 2017, the 460 employees of the FAMHP closed more than 8,000 applications for marketing authorisation for medicines, carried out no less than 2,200 inspections and investigations, analysed more than 10,000 reports of adverse effects, reactions and incidents, and answered more than 250 press questions.

Read on - 13/08/2018 12:17 - Agence fédérale des médicaments et des produits de santé (afmps)

Results of the Treasury certificates auction of 07/08/2018

The Belgian Debt Agency informs you that it has accepted bids of Treasury certificates for a total amount of EUR 1.576 billion, distributed into the following lines :

ISIN Code : BE0312761332 - 13/12/2018
Amount taken (EUR billion): 0.475
Weighted average yield : -0.554 %
Bid-to-cover ratio : 3.78

ISIN Code : BE0312765374 - 11/07/2019
Amount taken (EUR billion): 1.101
Weighted average yield : -0.551 %
Bid-to-cover ratio : 3.24

See our Reuters page BELG/TC or Bloomberg page BELG - TC Auctions - Results.

Read on - 07/08/2018 12:02 - Belgian Debt Agency

Federal Government Debt at end July 2018

The Belgian Federal Government Debt amounted to EUR 387.46 billion as of 31 July 2018.

Debt issued or taken over by the federal government amounted to EUR 387.22 billion, and the institutions for which the federal government supports the debt service, registered a debt of EUR 0.23 billion.

In net terms (i.e. deducting financial deposits and investments, as well as securities owned by the Treasury), the Federal Government Debt amounted to EUR 375.68 billion.

Read on - 06/08/2018 09:46 - Belgian Debt Agency