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What are the main new features?

The architecture of the website has been completely redesigned so that all the services offered by the Résidence Palace - International Press Centre are set out in a logical way: services for the press, services for event organisers, and information about the Résidence Palace building. This was done using the open-source content management system Drupal (originally developed in Belgium).


The most striking new features are:

  • an extensive multimedia section, with space for photo galleries, videos and audio files;
  • complete integration between Presscenter.org and Belga.be, not only for press releases but also for the announcement of press conferences (the Belga "agenda"): this means that all press releases published on Presscenter.org are also published automatically on the Belga website;
  • the large number of RSS feeds (e.g. one for events, another for each source of press releases, etc.), so that communications officers can automatically transfer the press releases they publish on Presscenter.org to the website of their federal service;
  • MyPresscenter, where registered users can compile personalised lists of their preferred press releases and so tailor Presscenter.org to their interests;
  • a mobile version of the website, allowing you to view the latest press releases on your smartphone.


Of course, the fact that the website has been revamped does not mean that all of the press releases from the previous websites have been lost. They have been carried over onto the new site, which thus constitutes an important archive of press material.