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Exhibition 'The Beauty of War. Waterloo 1815-2015' opens in Brussels on 17 June

Can war be beautiful?

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. In view of this event, historian and artist, Koen Broucke bases an exhibition on this paradoxical assumption: in its representation, the horror of war is given an aesthetic character and even leads to sublime beauty.

  • The curator stages an artistic dialogue between books, prints and drawings from the past and contemporary creations
  • An exhibition investigating the link between art and history
  • Alongside well-known works of Joseph Mallord William Turner, Francisco Goya and James Ensor, some lesser-known and surprising material has surfaced

This exhibition is an initial phase in Koen Broucke’s PhD arts research.

Read on - 15/06/2015 13:40